The design department in our company consists of fashion and design enthusiasts. He is responsible for creating new models of occasional clothing for the bride. Before starting production, the design department determines what the final product should look like. At this stage, we take care of the selection of fabrics and accessories. The icing on the cake is the product prototype and its final presentation. Before the final implementation process, it is possible to sew a prototype of a given model to be sure that the final product will meet our expectations. Only after approval, we start the production process. The design department supports the process of creating wedding dresses at each of its stages.



The cutting room is a production department in which the first stage of the technological process is carried out in the production of our unusual wedding dresses. The material that we use for production before cutting is properly prepared and checked in terms of quantity and quality. It is here that takes place, among others. applying the pattern drawing for the circulation, marking and completing the patterns, pre-treatment of the patterns, among others gluing. Thanks to the high qualifications of employees, modern tools and good organization of work in the cutting room, the sewing room receives perfectly prepared material for further production. The advantage of having your own cutting room is the possibility of quick changes and increased control over current projects.



In our sewing room, we focus primarily on high quality sewing. We want the products we produce to be not only aesthetically made, but also durable. The sewing process of our amazing wedding products takes place in stages and consists of individual elements. It is a continuous production which includes individual production lines. The experience of our seamstresses and the sewing room equipped with high-class industrial machines allow us to create an assortment of such a high standard.



The final look of our products is given by the colleagues from the ironing department, who stabilize the seams with the help of steam from the iron. The ironed products pass into the hands of the last person responsible for the production of clothes - the packer.

The packer is the last person on the team who has contact with the product. Its tasks include labeling of clothes. She packs the clothes and sends them with the ordered transport. We provide attention to every detail at various stages of production - from design, to prototype, to the finished product.






Our wedding shoes are manufactured with the use of modern Italian machinery in the studio in Jaroszowice. The shoes are made of high-quality lace and satin, and the use of soft foam in the lining ensures maximum comfort.