Who Are We?

Bartosz Sebastian Włodecki Właściciel


United Bridal Factory is a European producer of high-quality occasional fashion. Our unique creations are produced for the leading European clothing brand Bianco Evento. From its headquarters, products are delivered to fashion salons around the world, incl. to Italy, Spain, France and Germany. We are one of the largest factories in the country creating occasional fashion of such high quality. Qualified staff, effective technological solutions and carefully selected fabrics are the showcase of the United Bridal Factory studio and a guarantee of the superiority of our products. Wedding dresses and accessories (including veils, bolero, petticoats), which are made in our factories, delight not only with their unique design, but also with the comfort of wearing.

Our Sample Products


Establishment of the company in Stargard


Establishment of a branch in Koszalin


Establishment of the branch in Choszczno


Establishment of a branch in Jaroszowice


A team of 216 people

Serving 4 branches in Poland

10 years of service in Poland